VIP Parking Control caters its products and services to a wide array of industries from healthcare to hospitality. With a customer-centered approach, extensive experience, a dedicated staff, and state-of-the-art technology, we work hard to ensure that all our customers are elated with our parking management systems and superior customer service.


We believe that each project we take is unique and thus requires customized management systems for optimal operation. Accordingly, we always take a systems approach when designing every parking project that we handle, covering entries and exits, traffic flow, guidance systems, payment systems, and access management. 


We use the latest technologies to digitalize parking management and guidance systems in order to effectively track, monitor and manage, optimize resources, and enhance customer experience. We take a computerized approach from parking ticket issuance and slot allocation to retrieval of vehicle and billing, using hand-held access ticket dispensers, APNR, and computer-generated reports for monitoring.


With effective systems in place, we offer quick turn-around time in parking and retrieval of vehicles and maximized man-hour of parking attendants. We help customers keep track of parking details, by printing two-copies of a bar-coded ticket for each valet parking vehicle containing:


- Bar-coded ticket number (with readable ticket number below the barcode)

- Date & time of ticket printing

- Parking space assignment for particular vehicle


This automated, electronic system helps us:


- Assign valid parking spaces to each parked vehicle

- Keep record of number of available and occupied parking spaces

- Mark parking space as occupied once assigned to parking vehicle

- Mark parking space as available once parking vehicle leaves parking space/area

- Link bar-coded ticket with valet attendant ID to enable the identification of the valet driver who parked a particular vehicle and the time taken (in case of valet parked cars)


We supply internationally renowned parking management solutions, including provision of hardware for parking management: entry and exit barriers, POS, parking cards, guiding system and accessories and others. Our offered products include but are not limited to:

     Smart Valet Application

     Car Park Equipment & Management Systems

     Parking Guidance Systems

     Valet Parking Systems (Smart Valet)

     On-Street Parking Control Systems

     Parking Meters, Pay & Display

     Integrated Access Control & Security

     Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID), CCTV Surveillance

     Traffic Barriers

     Electro-Mechanical, Hydraulic, Manual, Bollards Signage of Parking Areas


Design Consultation & Analysis

Pre-Construction Complete Parking Design & Consultation for Optimized Usage

Existing Parking Facility Assessment & Parking Management Consultancy

Traffic Impact & Management Studies

Recommendation of Appropriate Technologies for Systems Integration 

Construction, Operation, & Maintenance

Parking Management System Installation & Commissioning

Vehicle Parking Facility Construction & Full Operational Management

Parking Facility Operation & Man Power Supply

Preventive & Periodic Maintenance Contracts

24/7 On-Call Technical Support

Event Services

Hostess Services

Golf Cart Services

Personal Driver Services

Valet & Parking Management Services for Events

Promotional & Marketing Services

Our network, becomes your promotional channel. With direct contact with customers we help your campaigns reach the widest audiences by distributing fliers and samples through our highly trained valet staff, and distribution and sampling teams, as well as display your products at optimal locations to help reach your targeted audiences. Our promotional and marketing services include:

Developing Tailored Promotional Campaigns

Networking to Support Customer Promotional & Communication Plans

Branding for Building Equity, Boosting Recognition, & Top-of-Mind Positioning

Reporting Effective Reach of Brand Promotions, Advertising & Marketing


At VIP Parking Control we serve a wide array of diverse industries and businesses including:



Night Clubs

Beach Resorts


Public Parking


Shopping Malls



Wedding Venues


Home Appliances