Partnership and cooperation contract between the Syndicate and VIP Parking Control

The head of the Syndicate of Restaurant, Cafe, Nightclub and Patisserie Owners in Lebanon, Tony Al-Rami, signed a partnership and cooperation contract with VIP Parking Control, represented by its Chairman of the Board of Directors, Shadi Al-Habr, at the Syndicate’s office in Ain Al-Mreisseh. The partnership came as a result of VIP Parking Control’s excellent services in the field of parking management for tourist institutions and its high professionalism in performing this work.

The partnership aims to provide efficient and reliable parking solutions for the members of the Syndicate, as well as to improve the overall experience of visitors to Lebanon’s restaurants, cafes, nightclubs, and patisseries. VIP Parking Control will provide its expertise and resources to help the Syndicate manage its parking facilities, and will also work to promote the Syndicate’s members to potential customers

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