“I look back to our beginnings back in 2000 when I teamed up with my brother George and Wissam, Sheikh Maurice Gemayel and a loyal team of close friends armed with a vision of providing a solution to an increasingly growing need for adequate parking in an erratic city that was and continues to witness congestion in its streets and shortage in parking spaces that is a nightmare to employees dreaming of being punctual, and guests and customers longing to reach restaurants, hotels and corporations in peace.


It is every person’s right to not have to worry incessantly when going out for work or entertainment about “where would we park?”, “will we find a parking spot”, or “I hope I don’t get a ticket”. The solution we perceived was beyond simply gathering a bunch of guys to receive cars and park them for others. The solution needed to be comprehensive, forward-looking and an integral part of offering the ultimate customer experience companies we serve strive to provide. 

Our professionalism, undivided attention and wise investments have enabled us to achieve market prominence with more than 160 locations under management and a strong workforce of over a thousand. We continue to impact business growth, revenue generation, cost optimization and operational effectiveness of all the customers we serve. Keeping at pace with the fast changes in the business world, VIP Parking Control continues to be at the forefront of developments in its business. We keep a keen interest in bringing the latest technologies and practices in our business to Lebanon and the countries we serve. 

Our socially responsible approach to our business continues to drive us to recommend and execute public parking solutions by teaming up with local municipalities and providing our expertise and solutions for the benefit of all citizens. We strongly believe that Lebanon will continue on its current path and with that business and residential growth will lead to even greater needs for efficient and effective parking management solutions. Therefore, VIP Parking Control continues to launch organizational initiatives that target continuous evolution of its services and practices that will only translate into a host of benefits and bottom line contribution to our customers. This corporate profile only seeks to give you a sneak preview of our business and services only to highlight the opportunities your business and customers can get when you decide to bring your parking facilities management to us. So what are you waiting for? Turn the headaches into opportunities. Let’s have a call, meet and get things to work for you.”

Chadi Haber


Established in 2000, VIP Parking Control has worked its way to become the undisputed leader in Lebanon for complete parking management services.


Over the past decade the company has successfully ventured towards regional expansion, establishing a powerful presence in Erbil, Kuwait, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) respectively since 2011. VIP Parking Control offers complete solutions with comprehensive services to offer a one-stop station for all of its customers’ parking management needs, from optimized parking facilities, design, consultation, traffic impact studies, to construction and full operation management.


With an unmatched combination of expertise, operational systems and talents, VIP secures its position as its customers’ preferred business partner. We supply internationally renowned parking management solutions, complete with necessary hardware, entry and exit barriers, point of sale booths, parking cards, guiding system and accessories and much more. We also provide a comprehensive range of services including mobility consultancy and event management. We tailor our self and valet parking services to match the particular needs of different businesses, events and practices.


We continue to target the provision of integrated solutions to optimize traffic management, cooperate with public and private institutions to deliver superior services to citizens, promote enjoyable customer experience of our corporate clients while contributing to the success and profitability of the businesses we serve.



Key Facts


VIP Parking Control is the leader in size and business generation in the industry.

- 2 Million Cars Served Annually

- Approximately 250 VIP Parking Control Locations

- Ability to deploy 250 attendees to major events


We are innovators! First to introduce:

- Hand-held devices in valet & self-parking services

- Automated vertical parking facilities


We are quality-oriented, meeting local and international standards:

- Member of Lebanese Franchise Association

- ISO 9001:2008 Certified Since 2004