About Us


In response to Beirut’s urgent requirement for efficient parking management, Chadi, George, and Wissam Haber, together with Sheikh Maurice Gemayel and a competent group of associates, established VIP Parking Control in 2000.

The primary objective of VIP Parking Control was to offer viable solutions that would mitigate the unnecessary stress on the community caused by parking scarcity, traffic congestion, and crowded streets.

VIP Parking Control has since become an established entity, boasting a workforce of more than 1400 proficient professionals spread across over 200 sites in Lebanon, Iraq, Dubai, KSA, Egypt and USA.

The company aims to foster strategic partnerships with international parking management firms while also pursuing regional expansion through franchising and joint ventures.

Our Mission

Our mission is to establish ourselves as the market leader in delivering world-class, comprehensive, and fully integrated parking management solutions and services. We are dedicated to providing our customers with exceptional value by leveraging our expertise, technology, and resources to deliver innovative and efficient solutions that meet their evolving needs. We strive to continuously improve and enhance our offerings to maintain our position as a trusted partner in the parking management industry.

Our Vision

Our vision is to invest in cutting-edge parking management technologies that offer a comprehensive range of services to meet all our customer's needs. We strive to attract, train, and retain a team of highly skilled professionals capable of delivering excellence in all aspects of our operations. We have developed and maintained a robust organization that is focused on achieving results and ensuring customer satisfaction. We are committed to staying ahead of industry developments to ensure our clients receive maximum benefits. Additionally, we maintain a healthy, open, and positive work environment that fosters collaboration, creativity, and innovation.

Our Values

- We value professionalism and principles based organizational culture.
- We value productivity abd tangible performance.
- We value our corporate and individual customers.

Our Goals

- To provide world-class, comprehensive parking management solutions and services.
- To be the market leader in the parking management industry.
- To invest in the latest parking management technologies and stay at the forefront of industry. development.
- To maintain a professional, result-oriented, and customer-focused workforce.
- To consistently guarantee customer satisfaction through our 24/7 operations center and optimized distribution of promotional campaigns.

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